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Jake Browne.

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Who am I?

More people have walked on the moon than have done my job.

When I was hired as the first weed critic for a major daily newspaper it quickly became national news. Suddenly, I was smoking pot in the Sunday New York Times and being quoted on NPR's "Wait Wait.... Don't Tell Me." When I'm not getting paid to get high, I'm hosting my game show Uncalled Four, traveling to four comedy festivals in 2016 alone. Oh, and running the subscription service HempBox, recording our award winning podcast Whiskey & Cigarettes, and changing the cannabis competition game forever with The Grow-Off. I'm the hardest working man in the dope business.

My Story

I started out in the industry as a receptionist for a dispensary in 2010.

By 2014, I had made partner at one of the most successful consulting firms in the country. Along the way I worked as an advocate, social media master, graphic designer, buyer, marketing director, advocate, and managing editor, tackling any job the industry could throw at me -- except growing. I'm awful at growing. Now, whenever I'm not on stage, I'm hunting for the next great strain of cannabis. Is it in your garden?